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Glad you stopped in to read my work.  I do hope you come visit often as this site is for my readers. Here you will find things I'm working on as a romance author and poet. You will find relationship advice and comments as well as daily tip
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Elina Rawlins Books For Sale ~

Vikings Revenge~
A wild journey of passion, adventure and revenge…
Johnar's feats were known in many places, from his homeland to across the mighty sea. He was known as the Viking of the Knights of Glen. Word passed quickly from one seafaring man to another. Soon there was word that the Desmond family was dead, the livestock killed and the slaves taken.
Setting out to avenge his family's lives and honor, Johnar finds love and passion in the arms of a beautiful, young Irish farm girl. His hunger for revenge soon turns into a wild chase to save the one he loves.
Alana is free-spirited and young, finding herself alone in the world and on the run from a dark warlord. Her wild escape to the northern parts of Ireland brings her straight into the arms of the one man who would capture her heart and save her life.

To purchase Elina's "Vikings Revenge" contact her at

 A Journey of a Cowboys Heart~
A compelling story of the power and bonds of the heart...
Love and honor of friendships and family ran strong through a young mans heart, driving him on. 
Frankie Ray was one of the best at what he did in the war. A special regiment that would seek out rebels from the south and wipe them out. He wasn’t proud of what he did and tried to keep it from the one person he loved the most, Ellie. He found that a band of southern rebels kidnapped his beautiful Ellie. This started Frankie Ray on a deadly journey through perilous mountains of outlaws and cutthroats. He soon found out that he had not finished his wartime job.

To purchase Elina's "Journey of a Cowboys Heart" contact her at

Dear Readers~

For those of you that seek a good adventure, passion and romance. Elina's books touch the hearts and emotions of men and women alike. Descriptive and breath taking real, you will not want to put the book down. Whether riding across the plains of Texas or swimming it the tropics, Elina’s characters come alive on the pages. Drawn from experience and her imagination she thrives on bringing her readers into a world of romance and passion.

As a author Elina's goal is to have her reader's feel the passion and adventure that covers the pages of her books with a tasteful and romantic flare. To bring her reader's to a heightened awareness and a quickening of their pulse; to draw them into a world of imagination and fantasy full of adventure. May the words written on the pages bring you the awareness that romance is just within ones reach, keeping you breathless with anticipation of what is yet to come.

You may hire Elina  to write your story or book.  Contact her by email 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Love and Romance~

What is romance but something each and every one of us yerns for in our lives; it gives us a thrill from our nose to our toes. To gaze across a crowded room.. Eyes meet, pulses quicken... With romance comes passion and love. Passion gives us the desire to seek out a mate for life. With love comes contentment and understanding of like minds and hearts.

True romance isn't a rose, or glass of wine, box of chocolates.. Or even a sonnet. Romance is a thought, that’s put to action in a look, a touch..a caress. It is from the soul and heart of the one that gives it. The tools of romance help bring it all together as if an orchestra.

The chemistry between two people is the setting. The body and heart is the instruments, thoughts are the sheets of music and the action is the song. Put these all together with candle light, soft music and a good bottle of red wine there’s bound to be two shadows cast on the walls from the flickering flame of the burning candle coming together in that age old dance that only lovers know the name of.

A look, a whisper, a touch, romance is in the air. Within the pages of Elina Rawlins books you will find the thrill and excitement of love and adventure. Passions run wild and free with each breath and heartbeat of her characters as they come alive. At times they reach out and grab you, pulling you into their world of fantasy that seems more like reality.

We all, whether we admit it or not want that romantic moment to last a life time. Not all of us.. or actually very few really know what we need to do to capture the thrill and keeps it going. For the most part attraction shouldn't be hard work, that part should come easy. It’s the "keeping the spice" part that takes more effort; some thought needs to be put into it daily. That my friend is part of the fun.. The challenge of romance is to see how you can make each time better than before. The thought that goes into it shows on your lovers face. For some we just seem to have a extra smidgeon of romance in our soul and it is just easier to administer it to the one in our life.

Romance has so many descriptions and meanings to everyone, love does too. You can ask three different people what romance is to them and each one would tell you something different. Love? what’s the meaning of love? It’s like our belief system, our faith, each one of us sees our Creator as someone or entity different from the other; each one of us are individuals. My point here is when it comes to romance; know what your hunny sees as romantic, he or she may not see it the same way you do. Communicate, talk about what’s in your heart.

In my books I try to reach out and touch people, bring them to that point of understanding through stories of adventure and romance, passion and intrigue. We all want that one person to capture our heart and be captured by us. Come enter the romantic realm of fantasy and passion. Feel that tingle run down your spine and touch the inner core of your sensuality. Heighten your awareness and open of doors to your romantic self.